Boxed Wine on the Go! Franzia Is Selling a Backpack That Dispenses an Entire Box of Wine

The convenient backpack includes a spout on the side to perfectly pour a glass of wine

Franzia Wine Box Backpack
Photo: Franzia

This backpack is nothing to wine about.

The boxed wine company Franzia recently launched a new collection of merchandise, including a backpack to bring your boxed wine on the go.

The Franzia Box Wine Backpack, coming to the Franzia website soon, is designed to fit an entire box of wine and includes an opening on the side to give consumers the perfect pour. A representative for the company tells PEOPLE that it will likely be available by Sept. 20.

While the accessory boasts a picture of the brand's cabernet sauvignon flavor, any variety of Franzia's popular boxed wines will fit into the practical bag.

As seen in promo shots of the backpack, the boxed wine fits securely in the main pouch of the bag and easily attaches to the side opening spout.

Franzia Wine Box Backpack

"Here at Franzia, we've always got your back. Bring your Franzia with you wherever you go with the Official Franzia backpack," the product description reads.

The handy beverage bag will sell for $32 and comes in one size.

In addition to the backpack, the wine giant's new accessory line features beach towels, party cups, hats, socks, necklaces, and a "Franz for Life" box Bluetooth speaker.

In April, Franzia announced one of its latest (and cutest) offerings: mini versions of some of their best-selling products.

The new pint-sized pours will come in 500mL boxes — equivalent to about three standard glasses of wine — with a suggested retail price of $3.49, according to a press release from Franzia.

The brand shared that they will be offering their “Little Franz” products in four varieties with simple screw-off tops: Crisp White, Pinot Grigio/Colombard, Chardonnay and, of course, the ever-popular Rosé.


Little Franz hit shelves as part of Franzia’s new “Franz for Life” ad campaign, which also introduced new packaging and a new Rich & Buttery Chardonnay.

The company launched the initiative in part with a new video set to a cover of the Golden Girls’ hit theme song “Thank You for Being a Friend” — with lyrics modified to say, “Thank you for being a Franz.”

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