Fox Contributor Faces Mockery After Blaming His $28 Taco Bell Order on Inflation

Scott Martin defended his stance even after viewers commented that spending $28 at Taco Bell for lunch was nearly impossible

Cantina Chicken Tacos
Photo: Taco Bell

A Fox News contributor left viewers (and Twitter users) confused after blaming inflation for a $28 Taco Bell meal.

During an appearance on Wednesday's Fox Business show, Cavuto: Coast to Coast, Scott Martin, a chief investment officer at a wealth management firm said, "You want to know how bad inflation is? Yesterday, yes, I had a nice lunch at Taco Bell — cost me about $28 at Taco Bell for lunch."

"People need to pay for those things," Martin added. "And they do it by getting jobs and getting in the economy and getting active and getting involved."

He noted that it was simply a lunch order, leading fellow guest Jonathan Hoenig, a hedge fund manager, to jokingly respond, "That's a lot of Chalupas!"

Taco Bell immediately responded on Twitter after a clip of the segment went viral. "14 x $2 Burritos = $28. What's your $28 order?"

"Um, how is that even physically possible?" Eric Kleefeld wrote on Twitter.

"If dude ate 28 bucks of Taco Bell. He did some major damage to a toilet or two," joked another user.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also chimed in with a tweet liked nearly 70,000 times. "If someone is talking politics and eating $28 of Taco Bell in one sitting then my immediate follow up question is what their thoughts are on Biden's executive order on cannabis rescheduling."

Martin went on to share his lunch order on Twitter, which included a Burrito Supreme, a Nachos BellGrande, a large Baja Blast and two Doritos Locos tacos which totaled $25.40 before tax.

On Friday, Martin defended his stance and told TODAY Food in an email, "The order is true and a collection of my favorite items at Taco Bell. Sadly, the prices have risen quite a bit over the last few years and due to that, I don't even purchase some of the items I used to regularly order due to their rising cost."

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