The purported new beverage would clock in at a startling 14 percent ABV.

By Hannah Chubb
August 14, 2019 05:56 PM
For Loko seltzer
Credit: Four Loko/ Twitter

We don’t even have to tell you that hard seltzer season is in full swing.

People are sipping it beachside, at concerts, during picnics and beyond, touting it as a cool and refreshing summer beverage. And while there are already quite a few hard seltzer brands to choose from — White Claw, Spiked Seltzer and Truly, to name a few — a variety of other alcohol brands have decided to throw their own hat in the ring before the season comes to a close. The most recent to join the ranks? Four Loko, apparently.

The famous beverage company — known for having drinks with high-sugar and high-alcohol content (also dubbed “blackout in a can” before they stopped adding caffeine to its beverages in 2010) — teased their very own hard seltzer on Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday, posting a picture of a can of “Four Loko Sour Seltzer.” The caption tags pretty much every other hard seltzer brand on the market: “@whiteclaw @truly@naturallightbeer @smirnoffus@bonandvivspikedseltzer@pabstblueribbon @pressseltzer@henryshardsparkling@wildbasinboozywater.”

Four Loko
Credit: Four Loko/ Instagram

While no official information has been released about the Sour Seltzer (Four Loko could not immediately be reached for comment), the brand did post another photo of the drink on Wednesday — a classic meme of a man looking at the can and whistling.

Four Loko
Credit: Four Loko/ Instagram

According to the packaging, the drink will have “a hint of blue razz” and an ABV of 14 percent, startlingly higher than most other spiked seltzers, which typically fall around 5 percent ABV. The slogan on the can reads “hardest seltzer in the universe.”

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On Tuesday, Pabst Blue Ribbon announced that they too were testing a hard seltzer with a higher-than-average ABV: Pabst Blue Ribbon Stronger Seltzer. Clocking in at an ABV of 8 percent, the beverage is spiked with a zesty lime flavor, sweetened with Stevia and contains only one gram of sugar.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Stronger Seltzer hit four different markets — Arizona, California, Montana and Texas — on August 12th, and will be available in those states for the foreseeable future.