June 24, 2016 01:47 PM

Nibble on this: 5 things happening in the world of food you should know.

Is Steph Curry becoming Chef Curry? 
Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry applied for a trademark to the phrase “Chef Curry,” reports Forbes. The application — which also included the terms “Steph Curry”, “Stephen Curry” and “Curry” — will be for new products and services he plans to roll out. So does that mean the NBA star has his sights set on a career in food? Unclear. However, his wife, Ayesha Curry, has already planted her foot firmly into the culinary world—her Seasoned Life cookbook will be out later this year—and we selfishly hope he joins the cooking fun.

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McDonald’s sriracha Big Mac sauce is a reality.
Well, it’s a reality if you live in California and Oregon. The fast food chain is now offering signature Sriracha Mac Sauce on their Signature Crafted sandwich menu in Los Angeles and San Diego for a limited time, reports Brand Eating. On July 7, the test market will open up to Seattle. Will they all be lovin’ it? Only time will tell.

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There’s a new colonel in town. 
George Hamilton is latest star to step into Colonel Sanders’ glossy white shoes to promote KFC’s extra crispy fried chicken recipe. He joins a list of rotating celebrity colonels, following Darrell HammondNorm MacDonald and Jim Gaffigan. If KFC keeps running through celebrities, Santa may have to take over by December.

Paula Deen releases a new line of fried chicken and baking mixes.
The former Food Network host is introducing five southern-style cooking mixes: Original Recipes Baking Mix, Fried Chicken Batter Mix, Hoecake Mix, Cornbread Mix and Ooey Gooey Heavenly Fudge Mix.

And the most important thing we learned today: Walking Dead star Norman Reedus opened a restaurant in Georgia and there are no zombies.
But it’s quite alright. The recently opened restaurant is a gourmet burger joint with menu items like pot pie, Georgia peach cobbler and signature burgers by Reedus and producer-director Greg Nicotero. There is also an incredibly high chance of having a round with a member of The Walking Dead cast and crew. Save us a seat!

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