Jeffrey and Ina Garten
| Credit: Getty

Nibble on this: 5 happening in the world of food that you should know.

1. Ina Garten is filming her cooking show again.

The Food Network queen revealed via Instagram that she’s filming new episodes of her cooking show after a hiatus to write her new cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey. “Organizing the kitchen to film new shows #fun #cookingforjeffrey” she wrote. Ah yes, no more Netflixing old episodes of Barefoot Contessa while pining for a new season.

2. There is a 50-ingredient superfood burger that just might be the “healthiest burger on earth”

Groupon partnered with chef and nutritionist Libby Limon to create the Nutriburger, a superfood burger made with 50 ingredients. The burger is made with a matcha gluten-free brioche bun and beet, natto, quinoa and a mushroom patty. It comes as a full burger, fries and drink combo with purple and orange sweet potato fries and a thick chocolate shake made of cacao, bee pollen and activated nuts. If you’re in London, you could enter to get the meal at the Magpie & Stump pub. Even if you aren’t the lucky winner, you could still enjoy the patty if you’re willing to put your chef skills to the test. All who enter the contest will receive a free download of the recipe.

3. Your Krispy Kreme addiction can now be fed with soda pop.

If you’re in the Carolinas, then you’re in such enviable luck. Cheerwine is now offering a Krispy Kreme-flavored soda that will give you a serious sugar rush and fulfill all the soda-doughnut dreams you never had. The drink is only available in North and South Carolina at Bi-Lo, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Ingles, Kroger, and Lowes Foods. This isn’t the first time the North Carolina-based brands have joined forces to put us all in a sugar coma: Krispy Kreme once offered a Cheerwine-flavored doughnut. And now all we can think about is placing the two delights together for one amazing no-regrets nom session. Sigh.

4. Smurf Lattes are the latest Instagram trend, but there’s a coffee-less catch.
Watch out Starbucks! There’s another colorful drink maker in town. The Matcha Mylkbar in Australia has created the “Smurf Latte”, made with lemon, ginger, agave, and coconut milk and E3 live blue algae powder.

5. PepsiCo’s “Pepsimojis” are out just in time for National Emoji Day on July 17th.

The cola company now has a downloadable PepsiMoji keyboard complete with emoji designs, GIFs, video and a built-in photo booth. The fun faces—designed with the brand’s classic red, white and blue colors—are available on Pepsi cans and bottles. On July 16th and 17th, the company will celebrate with the public, hosting an event called “Love: From Cave to Keyboard, Imagined by Pepsi.” The free interactive exhibit will allow guests to see the evolution of humans’ communication of love. And this isn’t the company’s first emoji experience. This year, the company recreated its iconic Cindy Crawford commercial using the supermodel’s personal Pepsi emoji. Who will the brand will emojify next? We vote Beyoncé.?

6. There’s a new product that lets you to turn booze into bubbles.

Bubblelick is a family-owned product that turns any liquid into a flavored bubble. The idea originated from children who asked their father why bubbles couldn’t be lickable and made from any liquid — and we’re already thinking about all the weekend fun we can have. To create the bubbles, you just pour your beverage into the concoction, shake it gently and blow. Jello shots and boozy bubbles, anyone?

7. Pokémon Go has a sister game: Chardonnay Go!

Okay, maybe the app isn’t real but it’s a hilarious parody of the Pokémon Go craze, and we can totally dig it. Facebook mom and comedienne, Dena Blizzard, created a video that explores what it might be like to have “Chardonnay Go”— that lets you catch glasses of Chardonnay instead pocket monsters. We’d like to put our bid in for Rosé Go and Jack Daniels Go as well.