By Marquaysa Battle
July 01, 2016 10:45 AM
Craig Warga/Bloomberg/Getty

Nibble on this: 5 things happening in the world of food you should know.

You can now order chorizo at Chipotle (depending where you live).
Chipotle is bringing more fireworks to our taste buds, just in time for the July 4th. The menu is already diverse enough for a guy to eat Chipotle every day for a year, but now the chain is introducing chorizo—a spicy Spanish pork sausage—to their menu. The burrito chain put their own spin on the sausage with an in-house recipe, which will be made from pork and white-meat chicken, paprika, toasted cumin and chipotle peppers. Starting next Wednesday, locations in select cities like Sacramento, Columbus, San Diego, and Manhattan will have the new options.

The California heat is damaging the avocado supply.

Record high temperatures in California—between 110 and 117 in some areas—are burning avocado trees, reports the LA Times. Avocados are typically a high-selling fruit, with a crop value of $400 million for the last 3 out of 6 years. This might mean no guacamole or chocolate avocado mousse for a while this summer, but also undoubtedly affects growers depending on produce sales to make a living.

Baskin Robbins Announced Its New Flavor of the Month.
The ice cream shop obviously wants us to celebrate the summer with something sweet and chocolate. The creamery announced on Twitter that their new flavor of the month is chocolate birthday cake.

Starbucks added two more new colorful drinks to the menu and (as usual) we tried them!
You can now add the blue drink and the green drink to your list of Starbucks menu items to try this summer. The blue drink is made with passion iced tea with soy milk and vanilla syrup, while the “green drink” is made with black tea, matcha and coconut milk. No word on what the next Starbucks color is, but a vibrant red in a smooth, tropical flavor sounds like an addictive addition.

And the most important thing we learned today: There’s a Budweiser burger.
The beer company has partnered with Carl’s Jr. to test the Budweiser Brew House Bacon Cheeseburger, reports Wreckless Eating. But the beer isn’t in the burger! It’s all in the Budweiser beer cheese. The patty is also topped with applewood smoked bacon strips and caramelized onions.