"The next time you see a troll, you can smile at the jokes, but also frown at their pain," Sunny Anderson suggests

Credit: Anders Krusberg/Food Network

Sunny Anderson is opening up about her experience with online bullies.

On Monday, The Kitchen star gave a candid look at how she deals with trolls on social media, revealing that she has learned to simply "restrict/block" them and not let their words get to her.

Anderson shared a post on Instagram in which she included a screenshot of a recent apology from one user who made "stupid comments" about the Food Network star and was asking for Anderson's forgiveness.

"This is a DM from a troll who publicly had vitriol for me, someone they've never met🤷🏽‍♀️," Anderson explained of the screenshot.

"Trolls, [bullies], narcissists. They all exist here online & in real life. I see it," she began her lengthy caption. "Weird people talking about how they want me to look & act. Oh, my wigs are bad. Food is gross, I'm fat, too this, too that, whatever."

"I see sexists telling only women to tie their hair back in the kitchen. Some don't even think I have a kitchen😂," she continued.

Anderson went on to share that she was "raised different" and has had experience with trolls as she dealt with a "built-in bully at home" when she was young.

"So early on, I knew what bullies were...insecure, hurting, little miscreants. Then you grow & it continues. As a black female, I'm statistically getting junk left and right," she added.

The celebrity cook, 45, wanted to make clear that she is "ALWAYS okay" after receiving such comments.

"I also need EVERYONE TO KNOW when you troll, there's so much you're saying about yourself. Sounds cliché, but true," she continued. "I used to try & tell the trolls that, but they are so caught up in their need to soothe themselves w/ leveling people, that they don't see the level they are on."

Instead of fighting back, Anderson said she will block these users.

"I never get hurt by words from strangers, ever. At 45, I'm immune to words tossed at me. But I'm not immune to understanding the human condition. Just like my bully growing up, I know those that bully and troll have PAIN, plenty of it, and narcissism. Whether they see it or not," she said.

"The next time you see a troll, you can smile at the jokes, but also frown at their pain," Anderson advised.

After sharing the post, Anderson also followed up on her Instagram Story with another screenshot from a different troll, which was "indicative of what I get regularly."

However, Anderson said she doesn't "mind the trolls cuz for each of them, are thousands of YOU."

In responding to the bully, the cook said she was "petty" and sent them back the cover of Food Network Magazine's recent issue, which Anderson guest edited, that reads, "Let's Give Thanks!"

"Let your success and happiness be your weapon," she concluded.