See which sweet treats took the title in your state before buying for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters.
Assortment of candy
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With Halloween but a few weeks away, pillowcases are about to be filled to the brim with candy—but how do you dish out sweets your local trick-or-treaters are hoping for?

Given that America spends $2.7 billion on candy this time of year, took it upon themselves back in 2017 to collect 10 years of Halloween sales data for every state. See the full list below.

Alabama – Candy Corn

Alaska – Twix

Arizona – Snickers

Arkansas – Jolly Ranchers

California – M&Ms

Colorado – Milky Way

Connecticut – Almond Joy

Delaware – Life Savers

Florida – Skittles

Georgia – Swedish Fish

Hawaii – Skittles

Idaho – Candy Corn

Illinois – Sour Patch Kids

Indiana – Hot Tamales

Iowa – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Kansas – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Kentucky – Tootsie Pops

Louisiana – Lemonheads

Maine – Sour Patch Kids

Maryland – Milky Way

Massachusetts – Sour Patch Kids

Michigan – Candy Corn

Minnesota – Tootsie Pops

Mississippi – 3 Musketeers

Missouri – Milky Way

Montana – Double Bubble Gum

Nebraska – Sour Patch Kids

Nevada – Hershey Kisses

New Hampshire – Snickers

New Jersey – Skittles

New Mexico – Candy Corn

New York – Sour Patch Kids

North Carolina – M&M’s

North Dakota -Hot Tamales

Ohio – Blow Pops

Oklahoma – Snickers

Oregon – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Pennsylvania – M&M’s

Rhode Island – Candy Corn

South Carolina – Candy Corn

South Dakota – Starburst

Tennessee – Tootsie Pops

Texas – Starburst

Utah – Jolly Ranchers

Vermont – Milky Way

Virginia – Snickers

Washington – Tootsie Pops

West Virginia – Blow Pops

Wisconsin – Starbursts

Wyoming – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

District of Columbia – M&Ms

Surprisingly, the candy that finished first in the most states is candy corn, though the tri-colored treats are quite polarizing.

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Other unconventional winners include Oreos in West Virginia (how did a cookie make the candy list in the first place?) and Toblerone chocolate bars in Texas (it may have something to do with the state’s colossal airports).

All in all, victory’s never tasted so good.