Dad finds mold in Capri Sun juice pouch
Sandy Huffaker/Corbis via Getty Images
October 10, 2018 05:05 PM

One dad made a shocking discovery during dinner time that could’ve put his daughter’s health at risk, and he’s warning parents so they won’t find themselves in the same situation.

Cameron Hardwick of Columbus, Indiana, was opening a pouch of Capri Sun for his 3-year-old about two weeks ago when he noticed “an unknown substance floating around in the package,” he wrote on Facebook. “To say we are irate would be an understatement… we don’t give these to our children often but will NEVER again! #SERIOUSLY.”

He posted a picture of the juice in a glass along with a white chunk of what looks like mold in the the center. He also shared a video of himself opening the package and calling the product “unacceptable.”

“I just wanted pass this along to other parents and grandparents so you are aware,” he said in the video, which has since amassed more than 21 million views.

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In a follow up post, Hardwick said the Kraft Heinz company, which owns Capri Sun, arranged for a third-party agency to test the contents of the pouch in question. It found “there was a ‘micro-puncture’ in the package allowing oxygen to enter the pouch and create the mold seen in the video/pictures,” Hardwick wrote.

A spokesperson for the company also said in a statement to PEOPLE: “Although rare, it is possible for mold to grow inside juice drinks that have no preservatives if the pouch is punctured in any way on its journey from our facilities to people’s homes. We understand it’s unpleasant, but the mold is naturally-occurring, just like if you left an apple on your counter for too long and mold begins to grow.”

Kraft Heinz advises parents “gently squeeze each pouch to check for leaks before serving Capri Sun to their kids. Leaky or punctured pouches should be discarded.”

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