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Courtesy Harley Pasternak

Harley Pasternak is a celebrity trainer and nutrition expert who has worked with stars from Halle Berry and Lady Gaga to Robert Pattinson and Robert Downey Jr. He’s also a New York Times best-selling author, with titles including The Body Reset Diet and The 5-Factor Diet. Tweet him @harleypasternak.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the largest fitness convention in the U.S., the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association trade show. The IHRSA, held in San Diego, is definitely the place to be if you’re searching for all of the latest and greatest fitness gadgets, exercise equipment and any fat-burning machine you can think of.

I’ve been attending the show for nearly 20 years, and remember when fitness innovations like the elliptical, arc trainer and spin cycles were first introduced over the IHRSA weekend.

This year, with 371 exhibitors to visit, I was hoping to find something exciting to buy for my studio that would get my clients excited. While most of these pieces are designed for commercial settings (health club quality — and pricey), some of them have more affordable, residential versions that might be a nice addition to your home gym. Here are some of my favorite new products hitting the market:

Courtesy The Helix

The Helix

The Helix is sort of like an elliptical, but it moves side to side (rather than forward and back), thus blasting the inner/outer thighs, hips, butt and even your obliques (love handles). I love this machine! Not only can you do regular cardio on it, I also tried getting in the plank position with my feet on the floor and my hands on the pedals — and my abs are still hurting.

Courtesy Cybex

Cybex Eagle Strength Equipment

One of the better-known names in fitness equipment, Cybex, debuted its revamped Eagle strength equipment. The 12-piece lineup, available this spring, has finishings that look like they belong in a Porsche Turbo: Intuitive placards illustrate proper use and movement, instructional videos (standard and advanced) can be accessed via QR code and mobile app, and a smartphone/tablet holder has been added to allow for on-machine viewing.

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Courtesy Life Fitness

Life Fitness’s SYNRGY BlueSky

Think of it like a jungle gym for adults! Introduced at IHRSA, SYNRGY BlueSky is designed specifically for outdoor use and offers 12 bodyweight training stations for exercisers. I tried it during the show and felt it in all the right places the next day.

Courtesy Brewers Ledge

Brewers Ledge Laddermill

This thing is so cool! It’s literally a giant aluminum ladder that never, ever, ever ends. Using your back muscles, arms, abs and legs, your heart rate soars as you slowly climb your way to lean and mean. Users can vary the speed and the angle of the wall to change the difficulty. Built-in auto-stop technology provides safe workouts, too.

Tell me: Which piece of equipment excites you the most?

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