And in Boston, certainly no one is buying Manhattan clam chowder
Grocery Store Leftovers
Credit: Hillary Monahan/Twitter; Gene Valaitis/Twitter

Despite experts saying that there is no need for healthy Americans to panic shop as they prepare to follow CDC recommendations and stay home to slow the rate of the coronavirus outbreak, shoppers have continued to stock up on goods, emptying shelves of all the water and food at grocery stores across the country.

People have been tweeting photos of the #groceriesleftbehind at stores like Trader Joe’s and Costco, and the highlighted products are hilarious. Keep scrolling for some of our favorites.

You guessed it: there are some hummus products that some people find too reprehensible to purchase even in crisis. Those unfortunate enough to be included on the list appear to be chocolate, buffalo, and olive tapenade-flavored dips.

“A moment of silence for the many containers of Olive Tapenade Hummus at my grocery store. The unwanted dip that no one wants even in panic buying season. #poignant,” @ajjacobs joked on Twitter, while @KarlWarden wrote, “Now’s a good time for Trader Joe’s to assess what sells and what doesn’t #TraderJoes when these two stacks of chocolate hummus and Buffalo hummus are the ONLY things left in the store…


Now this one probably doesn’t come as a shock for those living in New England. According to @online_shawn, “Even during a global pandemic, nobody in Boston eats manhattan clam chowder.” @HillaryMonahan also documented the evidence, writing, “Even in a plague, New Englanders refuse Manhattan Clam Chowder.”

Other products that don’t seem to be selling? Dasani and Aquafina water.

“What #Dasani do to people???” joked @inkr3dibl3_k on Twitter. @YELLOWPAINT11 joined in on the ridicule, writing, “Even during an apocalypse ppl still won’t drink Aquafina” followed by four crying emojis. Our hearts go out to those water bottles affected.

Shrimp-flavored ramen is another no-go in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. “Y’all really hating on the shrimp ramen that much???” joked @kanadian_idiot.

Don’t even get us started on pineapple pizza. Multiple people on Twitter have reported a surplus of the infamous combination on shelves everywhere. Oh, and people don’t want broccoli pizza crust either. Or cauliflower crust.

Pour one out for this lone Cookie Crisp cereal though.

Lastly, and perhaps most unsurprisingly, a lone pile of Corona beer was spotted, despite there being absolutely no connection between the similar-sounding brand and the coronavirus.

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