The Shameless actress indulged her sweet tooth without going off her gluten-free diet

By People Staff
May 08, 2017 12:24 PM
Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

Anyone who is gluten-free knows indulging while eating out can sometimes be tricky—but that didn’t stop Emmy Rossum this weekend.

The Shameless star, who has followed a gluten-free diet for years, took to her Instagram story on Sunday to share a selfie wearing large sunglasses and her trick for satisfying her sweet tooth.

“When you’re hungover from a friend’s wedding and you ate all the icing off 12 pieces of cake because the cake wasn’t gluten free but the icing was and you were drunk and hungry and so that seemed like a good idea….😝” she wrote on the photo.

While Rossum’s hack isn’t necessarily advisable considering the emoji she finished off her caption with, we’re guessing she feels a lot better than she would if she’d went in for a full piece of cake, gluten and all.

The actress previously told Shape since she’s avoided gluten most of her life, it’s helped her to “not snack on things that, in theory, put on weight,” she said. “Not to say that I don’t eat crème brulee on the weekend—I do! I think if you deprive your body of anything for too long, your body will crave it and be really miserable.”

For Rossum, that means including carbs in her diet. “I do brown rice, I do potatoes—I love mashed potatoes. I do quinoa,” she said. “I just need some kind of carbs in my diet. Otherwise, I just feel hungry!”

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And to balance out the occasional icing binges, she also told the magazine that she relies on group fitness classes. “I take a lot of dance classes. I grew up doing ballet. I love Physique 57. Generally, I take spinning and I try to do things in groups,” she said. “I don’t like a one-on-one trainer—too much pressure. And I hate push-ups, I hate them with a passion.”