Emma Stone's Favorite Foods Are Probably Very Similar to Yours

The La La Land actress answered 73 questions for Vogue's video series

Emma Stone‘s taste buds are just as relatable as you might expect from the charming actress. No, she’s not quoting gluten-free toast or clay as her favorite foods but rather “French fries and Brussels sprouts, not necessarily at the same time.”

For Vogue‘s 73 Questions video series, the La La Land star takes viewers inside her Los Angeles apartment to talk style secrets, what Ryan Gosling is really like and her go-to foods. Stone, 27, even graciously offers the cameraman a cold beer during the intimate interview.

The video reveals the actress’s least favorite foods: “Beets and anything with mayonnaise.” Her must-have items on set: “Headphones and a lot of caffeine.” And the fact that she wishes she could have coffee with SNL‘s Gilda Radner and a cocktail with Mr. Andrews from Titanic.

“Although, I always picture Mr. Andrews from Titanic as Victor Garber so I think maybe I just want to have a drink with Victor Garber,” she says.

Stone also admits she wasn’t always the funny actress stealing hearts in films like Crazy, Stupid, Love. She was once “Emily” (her full name) at her first job baking dog treats in a dog bakery. Oh, and she does a mean Britney Spears impression. Watch the full video above for more of her candid confessions.

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