The chef celebrated his son's high school graduation with a sweet shot on Instagram
Emeril Lagasse
Credit: Emeril Lagasse/instagram

Three cheers for the 2020 grad!

Emeril Lagasse's son E.J. Lagasse is officially a high school graduate. The chef, 60, posted a shot of his 17-year-old son on Instagram at what appears to be a graduation ceremony for the high school senior. "@ejlagasse is officially a High School Graduate! So proud of him," the father of four captioned the shot.

Wearing a green and white traditional graduation gown with a matching cap, E.J. stood beside his father, who was donning a face mask amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, while beaming with pride.

"Bravo EJ!," fellow celebrity chef Andrew Zimmerman commented, while another user wrote, "Looks just like his dad!"

E.J. and his father share a tight bond and the two recently spent time together earlier this year cooking at a food festival on the Cayman Islands in January.

The occasion marked the father-son duo’s third year working together at the annual festival, which is a week-long line-up of food and beverage events.

Speaking to PEOPLE earlier this year, Emeril shared, "It’s awesome having him here," when asked what it was like to work hand in hand with his son. "He’s super into it. I never asked him to do it, it’s just something that he just does."

Knowing the long hours and hard work that goes into being a restaurant chef, Emeril tried talking E.J. out of the profession at first, "but it’s what he wants to do," he said.

At the time, Emeril noted that E.J. plans to attend Johnson & Wales University for culinary school, his dad’s alma mater.

"I’m really looking forward to that," E.J. previously told PEOPLE of school, "and to never stop learning, continuing to push forward, and trying to help bring in the new generation of cooks."

Though his attendance at the school remains unclear amid the current health crisis, the college last posted an update in early June, outlining their COVID-19 conduct protocol.

Though Emeril helped launch the Food Network in the 1990s, E.J. did note that he is not as interested in being in front of the camera as his famous father. "I’ve been on his shows and stuff a few times. It doesn’t bother me," he says. "But I definitely want to be a chef that’s known for my cuisine and not necessarily just because you see me on TV every week."