Ellen DeGeneres Makes a Deal with Wendy's 'Nugget Boy' Not to Surpass Her Retweet Record

Carter Wilkerson makes a guest appearance on the Ellen show on Tuesday

What started as a simple tweet has now landed 16-year-old Carter Wilkerson on Ellen.

After asking Wendy’s asking how many retweets he needs for a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets, the fast food chain responded with the seemingly arbitrary number 18 million—nearly 15 million more than the record Ellen DeGeneres currently holds for her famous 2014 Oscars selfie.

And as any smart person knows, you must keep your friends close and your enemies closer—so DeGeneres had Wilkerson on her show on Tuesday, sending a warning to him if he tries to break her record that he’s only 300,000 retweets from tying.

“This kid is on my heels,” DeGeneres says. “Carter, you mess with the bull, you get the horns.”

Bradley Cooper, who is front and center in the selfie, also appeared on her show to make a PSA announcement, saying: “We earned this title and we’re not going to lose it now.”

While Wilkerson was in the guest seat, DeGeneres playfully drilled him with threats and questions.

“Why are you trying to sabotage my selfie?” she asks. “Why are you trying to do that? I worked really hard. That holds the record and you’re trying to pass me up.”

He then gave the most honest (and relatable) answer: “I just want chicken nuggets. I just have a love for the chicken nuggets.”

Wilkerson, who now runs the website nuggsforcarter.com, says his Twitter following went from about 150 people to more than 67,000 and counting since he first tweeted Wendy’s on April 5.

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DeGeneres had the Oscars moment up on the screen and pointed to it, saying, “This is being threatened. This is a cultural phenomenon that I have right there. Look at Lupita Nyong’o’s brother who we don’t even know who he is, he’s in it. This is something that you can’t break down.”

She then cuts a deal with him saying, “I want people to retweet you, but when they retweet him, you must retweet my selfie as well,” and she gave him the incentive of a 55-inch TCL Roku 4k TV and a year’s supply of her famous Ellen underwear.

“If somehow you pass me Carter, I will come to your house, I will take that TV back, I will take the underwear back and do more,” she jokes. “If you get 18 million somehow, by some miracle, you get 18 million, I’ll have another gift for you, but you can’t pass me, I have to be above that.”

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