Ella Travolta, Brooklyn Beckham and Sailor Brinkley-Cook Recreate Their Parents' Got Milk? Ads for Silk

The new Silk Nextmilk campaign is a plant-based play on the iconic Got Milk? ads

The next generation of stars are donning the milk mustache — but now it's made of plant-based milk.

Brooklyn Beckham, Ella Travolta and Sailor Brinkley-Cook are some of the new faces of the Silk Nextmilk campaign, PEOPLE can reveal exclusively. The advertisements for the oat milk and plant-based blend are a play on the Got Milk? campaigns, which previously featured stars like Brooklyn's dad David Beckham, Ella's late mom Kelly Preston and Sailor's mom Christie Brinkley.

The Silk campaign aims to inspire the next generation of milk drinkers and plant-based enthusiasts with a beverage that is made from plants but tastes like milk, with 75 percent less sugar.

While on set of their photo shoots, the young talent spoke to PEOPLE about wearing the 'stache and their own plant-based lifestyles.

Ella Travolta, Brooklyn Beckham and Sailor Brinkley Cook star in Silk Next milk's new campaign. Credit: Silk
Ella Travolta, Brooklyn Beckham and Sailor Brinkley Cook. Silk

"I think those [Got Milk?] ads are so iconic, and bringing that into this new world of being plant-based and having these amazing alternatives is so fun," says Sailor, 24. "I think my mom is also so iconic, so anything that I can do in my life to make her proud is exciting to me."

Sailor has been dairy-free since she was 13, and follows a primarily vegan diet.

"My mom raised me vegetarian, and I've gone in and out of eating seafood only for health purposes, but pretty much 95% of my diet is vegan and has been my entire life," she says. "I've literally never had a hamburger, never had a hot dog, never had a piece of steak. So these alternatives are very important to my life."

"It's what makes my body feel the best," she adds. "The more that I've looked into living a plant-based lifestyle, the more I realize that it not only benefits myself, but it benefits the world."

Ella Travolta, Brooklyn Beckham and Sailor Brinkley Cook star in Silk Next milk's new campaign. Credit: Silk
Brooklyn Beckham behind the scenes of his Silk campaign. Silk

Because Brooklyn, 23, is embedded in the food space (he starred on Facebook Watch's Cookin' With Brooklyn) he often implements plant-based products into his recipes when cooking for wife Nicola Peltz.

"I don't eat that much meat and my wife doesn't either. So I've started creating new dishes that are plant-based," he tells PEOPLE. "Me and my wife love cooking, so we just cook a bunch of vegetables and other stuff and just have fun in the kitchen."

Travolta, 22 — who's been strictly plant based for over a year — was a fan of Silk before she was approached with this opportunity, so she knew it was a perfect fit. Her favorite plant-based dish to cook is a banana bread.

"That's sort of my specialty," she says, adding that she also loves drinking a morning matcha with Silk milk. "I always liked [baking] more than cooking. Then once I went plant-based I was like, okay, there's so many cool recipes that you can make that are delicious. I keep finding new recipes and trying them out — I enjoy it a lot."

DJ Myles O'Neal, whose father is Shaquille O'Neal, is also featured in the campaign alongside his siblings.

Beginning on Wednesday, consumers can use the Silk plant-based mustache filter on TikTok for a chance to win free Silk Nextmilk for a year and be featured in a Silk Nextmilk billboard in Times Square.

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