Long before she opened BIRD Bakery with her husband, Armie Hammer, the journalist was already a pro at selling sweets
Elizabeth Chambers Hammer
Credit: John Russo

Long before Elizabeth Chambers Hammer opened BIRD Bakery with her husband, Armie Hammer, she was already a pro at selling sweets.

The journalist recently told PEOPLE she held the state record in Colorado for the most Girl Scout cookies sold when she was in the second grade. So where’d she learn such impressive sales tactics?

“My dad is amazing, he taught me everything I know about sales,” says Chambers Hammer. “He volunteered to be the Girl Scout cookie mom and gave everybody sales quotas, and basically every girl went home crying because he was super intense.”

After getting more than a few angry calls from the troop’s mothers, “he was quickly fired from that position,” she laughs. But as his daughter, the Food Network star was obligated to sell, sell, sell.

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“He told me what my quota was and I literally I had my wagon out in the snow, in a blizzard,” she says. “He’s in the wine business, so I’d set up in front of liquor stores with my little table and I sold. I had no choice, I mean, I couldn’t go home!”

Though she doesn’t remember the exact amount of boxes, the bakery owner would likely have some stiff competition if she were still selling today. Katie Francis of Oklahoma City recently achieved the lifetime record of selling 100,100 boxes over the course of her Girl Scout career. And then there’s 11-year-old Charlotte McCourt who used brutally honest reviews of each cookie to sell thousands of boxes.

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Now, Chambers Hammer says she supports “every single Girl Scout” that she sees and plans on raising her own daughter, Harper, 2, with that same sense of business venture—but maybe with a little more compassion.

“My mom always asks me, ‘How many cookies are you guys selling at the bakery?’ I was like that question scares me because it gives me PTSD,” she jokes. “Please don’t even inquire about the bakery cookies—too soon, too soon.”