Eggnog martinis, anyone?

By awilliams225
October 16, 2018 05:43 PM
Credit: Three Olives

Eggnog martinis, anyone?

To help you kick off your holiday plans early, Three Olives has introduced a vodka flavored with all the warm spices of the traditional Christmas drink (which is more commonly spiked with bourbon.)

The spirit can be served either hot as an addition to your favorite eggnog recipe or chilled and straight up. On their website, the company describes the new liquor as having the scent of “light butterscotch with notes of baked nutmeg,” and a flavor that “starts with a whipping cream taste while bakery spices, like allspice and cinnamon, increase over time.” It’s also said to have a finishing flavor of “light woody clove and vanilla pod.”

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The British spirit company has proven that vodka is a drink that has no limit when it comes to experimentation, with flavors inspired by rosé, cake, and even a Froot Loops cereal.

In case you would like to stock up on a few bottles before the first snow falls or perhaps before they are off the shelves, the eggnog vodka is now sold nationwide for a limited time for $17.99 per bottle.