May 20, 2016 03:34 PM

Saltwater Brewery

It’s been a long-held axiom of conservationists that the plastic rings binding your six-packs of soda and beer — if not properly severed before being discarded — wind up wrapped around the necks, beaks and other extremities of sea life the world over.

But now, there’s a solution to that problem. And it involves beer.

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Saltwater Brewery has partnered with We Believers to create what they’re calling the first fully edible beer can packaging. Using byproducts of their brewing process, like wheat and barley, the six-pack rings offer a treat to curious sea life. Or they just biodegrade, which is fine, too.

The company’s first batch of 500 went up in April, and they plan to scale up production to meet their current output of 400,000 beer cans per month. The edible holders are more expensive to produce, but Saltwater contends that if they become standard in the industry, the cost of production will drop, putting them in range of the current plastic rings.

Beer: Saving the world, in so many ways.

Alex Heigl

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