This mashup takes Oreos to a whole new level
Credit: The Cookie Dough Cafe

What could be better than an Oreo cookie on its own? An Oreo cookie that’s mashed up into cookie dough.

For years, The Cookie Dough Cafe has been selling edible cookie dough made with no eggs and high-quality ingredients so you can eat it right out of the jar. In their cookies and cream recipe, the online retailer — which now operates a scoop shop in Portland, Oregon — mixes real chunks of Oreo cookies in with their classic dough recipe.

According to their website, the Oreo flavor is “delicious paired with ice cream or enjoyed straight from the jar” and is specifically crafted to be eaten as-is, not baked in the oven.

Oreo joins other gourmet flavors in The Cookie Dough Cafe’s product lineup, such as classic chocolate chip, confetti and Monster, which is made with peanut butter and crushed M&M pieces.

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“Our love of cookie dough started when we were kids,” the company’s founders, Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmidt, write on their website. “Some of our fondest childhood memories involved baking with our mom. There was something special about being in the kitchen, watching her whip up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies while we stood on chairs eagerly waiting to lick the dough off the beaters.”

“To us, the cookie dough has always been the best part!” they continue.

Their idea to bake edible cookie dough garnered national attention when the sisters appeared on Shark Tank and caught the eye of Lori Greiner and guest Shark Steve Tisch in 2014.

Since then, the company has expanded, and many of their flavors — including Oreo — can be found in grocery stores across the world. They can also be purchased online and shipped right to your door at for around $11 per 16 oz. jar.