Edible Funfetti Cookie Dough Is Already the Greatest Invention of 2020

I'm ditching all my New Year's resolutions for this

funfetti cookie dough/ fudge brownie ice cream
Photo: Nestle Tollhouse

Nestle Toll House is rolling out new edible cookie dough flavors just in time for National Break Your New Years Resolution Day on Jan. 17 (yep, that’s a real thing).

The two new decadent flavors are Funfetti and Fudge Brownie Batter. Funfetti is the classic sugar cookie dough scattered with candy sprinkles, while the rich brownie batter is a chocoholic’s dream.

These new additions come after last year’s major success of Nestle’s edible cooke doughs, which can be enjoyed without the risk of salmonella.

The original flavors that launched were Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Monster. “We wanted to expand our edible cookie dough offerings to make it even easier to enjoy your favorite dessert right out of the container,” said Samantha Set, Associate Brand Manager at Nestle Toll House.

fudge brownie
Nestle Tollhouse

Nestle Toll House took to social media in the past week to tease the new flavors. In a post on Twitter, they asked fans to guess what the new flavors could be.

One of the most popular responses was “Double Chocolate and Birthday Cake,” while some fans got a little more creative with their guesses. One user predicted unicorn rainbow while another guessed truffle fudge brownie.

funfetti cookie dough
Nestle Tollhouse

Few fans guessed right—though one could argue that Birthday Cake and Funfetti are essentially the same thing—but regardless all the feed back was positive with one user asking, “Where have you been all my life???”

Funfetti has been a popular flavor so far in 2020: Coffee-Mate recently launched a Funfetti coffee creamer, too.

The new Nestle Toll House edible cookie dough flavors are available now and can be found in the refrigerator section at major grocery stores. You can nab a 15-oz. tub for around $5.40.

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