December 11, 2015 10:29 AM


Do you love Christmas, but hate putting effort into things?

We’re here for you. As it turns out, you can throw a festive, superbly decorated holiday gathering without having to take off work to stay home and craft.

We scoured Pinterest for the cutest, lowest-maintenance Christmas decorations that even you — yes you — can pull off. Just turn on Mariah Carey Christmas jams, pour yourself a glass of eggnog and work it out.

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1. Snowman door

Transform your front door into a snowman using just a bit of construction paper, tape and scissors.


2. Stocking place setters

To add cheer to your meal, put forks and knives in stockings to serve as table settings.


3. Santa Solo cups

The only thing classier than a Solo cup? A Solo cup dressed as Santa, of course.


4. Banister penguins

We’re probably more obsessed with this than your average adult should be.


5. Fruit and cheese Christmas tree

The only thing that makes us more hopelessly giddy than a Christmas tree is an assortment of fruits and cheeses made to resemble a Christmas tree. (Lesson: the best decorations are those you can eat.)


6. Joy bottles

If you’re like us, you have quite a few wine bottles lying around because you’re never quite sure what to do with them. (Terrarium? Sure seems like a lot of work.) Make these festive, “joy”-ful bottles in no time at all.


7. A candy cane wreath

You’ll never go back to non-edible wreaths ever, ever again.


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If even these holiday decorations overwhelm you, don’t worry. Ditch the whole entertaining thing and watch any of these old-school holiday TV episodes — the party will come to you.

—Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda

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