We now present you with the cutest baking trend of all time

By Maria Yagoda
March 25, 2016 05:29 PM
Credit: Courtesy Pinterest/Handmade Charlotte

Bunnies are adorable. The most adorable part of them? Their little butts.

This is why we’re not surprised about the new baking trend that’s sweeping Pinterest just in time for Easter: desserts shaped like bunny behinds. And yes, we’re sort of obsessed.

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The trend is actually quite versatile — you can make cookies, cakes, cupcakes and more nibbles that feature round, white-tailed rabbit butts. So maybe forget the Easter baskets this year and just lean into prepping these simple and festive desserts.

Here are a few of our favorites. (We recommend you serve Peeps and jelly beans as side dishes, of course.)

Pancake Bunny Butts

Courtesy Pinterest/Handmade Charlotte

Bunny Cupcake

Courtesy Pinterest/Handmade Charlotte

Pretzel Bunny Butts

Courtesy Pinterest/Hungry Habbits

Pretzel Bunny Butts

Courtesy Pinterest/Hungry Happenings

Bunny Cake

Courtesy Pinterest/Handmade Charlotte

Of course, if you find the butts distasteful, you can make all sorts of other fun and festive treats, from this decadent carrot cake to orange-glazed hot cross buns. Alternatively, you could whip up a whole menu devoted to Cadbury Creme Eggs. (If you haven’t yet cooked with them, you’re living your life all wrong.)