While Easter might still be about 6 months away, it's safe to say we're already counting down the days.

By Jessica Fecteau
October 13, 2017 02:30 PM

Easter will land on April Fool’s Day next year, but we’re hoping these new chocolate bunnies are no joke.

R.M. Palmer (the creator of the famous chocolate bunnies you grew up loving) recently announced they will be adding another—dare we say more self-absorbed?—bunny to their lineup for 2018. The “Selfie Bunny” looks like it has come to life and features the adorable creature posing for a photo using its very own cell phone. One even has her hand on her hip while snapping a pic. Another version features a bunny in a blue shirt wearing a backpack, taking a selfie (or possibly texting).

Each bunny even comes with “selfie props” that you can cut out of the box it comes in to dress it up.

Of course buying a selfie bunny immediately calls for taking a real-life selfie with it — and doing so could win you a free vacation in Chicago. When you post your selfie with your chocolate bunny on Instagram or Facebook and the #selfiebunny, you’ll be entered to win a trip for two to the Windy City.

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While Easter might still be about 6 months away, it’s safe to say we’re already counting down the days.