Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Sauteuse Oven, 3.5 qt

The Best-Selling Le Creuset Cast Iron Sauteuse Is $120 Off a Day Before Black Friday

Shoppers say it’s “worth every penny”
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If there's one piece of cookware that you should have in your kitchen, it's a cast iron sauteuse. Not too familiar? Well, the sauteuse is the perfect combination of a deep Dutch oven and a saute pan, making it as versatile as they come. And there's no better option than the popular Le Creuset Cast Iron Sauteuse that cooks meals to absolute perfection. Lucky for you, the pan is $120 off on Amazon right now before Black Friday — and you'll want to nab it quickly before the deal is gone.

The best-selling Le Creuset sauteuse can practically do it all, like braising chicken, baking casseroles, and frying vegetables. And it pretty much outperforms every pot and pan you already have at home. Made of cast iron, the sauteuse retains heat to evenly cook meat without drying it out. Plus, the interior has a smooth enamel coating that prevents bits of food from sticking to the cooking surface. You'll also love that it's stain-resistant, so you can even throw curry in there without a sweat. 

Buy It! Le Creuset Cast Iron Sauteuse, $179.95 (orig. $300); amazon.com

The 3.5-quart capacity is large enough to hold delicious stews and soups without spillage. You can thank it's tall, curved walls for that. It also is designed with a dome-like lid that securely stays on and promotes good heat retention. Rest assured, you'll never have to worry about your chicken being pink on the inside again. 

You know how some recipes require cooking on the stovetop before baking in the oven? Well, then you probably know it can leave you with a large cleanup, too. But with this sauteuse, you can cook and bake in the same pan — it's oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, you can even put the lid in the oven because that stylish knob is made of steel. And when you're ready to take it out of the oven, you'll appreciate its large looped handles. It even makes it easy to bring right to the table for serving. 

On top of the Le Creuset sauteuse's functionality and versatility, it's also beautiful to look at. It has a colorful enamel finish that gives it a pretty sheen, but it's functional too — it also prevents the Dutch oven from cracking. And while you can certainly hand wash this, feel free to put it in the dishwasher. Easy cooking, easy cleanup; what more could you ask for? 

"This is the Dutch oven you need," wrote one Amazon shopper who titled their review "Worth Every Penny." They continued, "It serves every purpose we need. Frying? Check. Baking? Check. General Cooking? Check. It's wonderful! I've bought other brands and they don't hold the heat as well, and the enamel has chipped on a few after several washes. This is a great midsize [option] for two to three people, and it's not too large. If you're looking to start your Dutch oven collection or expand it, a Le Creuset is the way to go."

"I'm a retired chef and have discovered Le Creuset late in life," wrote another. "This is a perfect dimension for two to four people with any type of sauce, soup, beans, or pasta. Because of the heavy construction and enameled finish, it heats faster and retains that heat on a low simmer easily, thus saving on fuel."

Get the Le Creuset sauteuse pan while it's 40 percent off on Amazon. Trust us, it almost never goes on sale, so take advantage of this deal ahead of Black Friday. 

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