See Inside Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's Home Kitchen—Where They 'Absolutely' Do Not Cook

The NBA star recently launched a YouTube series, Wade's Kitchen Convos.

Dwyane Wade is many things: a father, an NBA basketball player, a wine enthusiast, a foodie—but not a cook.

The Miami Heat point guard, who becomes a free agent in July, recently teamed up with his personal chef Richard Ingraham—whom he affectionately refers to as just “chef”—to create a YouTube series Wade’s Kitchen Convos, which has debuted three episodes to date.

Throughout the videos, the longtime friends chat about topics like parenting and their own childhoods while Ingraham prepares meals and drinks. Although Wade isn’t actually doing the cooking, he chose to set the show in the kitchen of his Miami home because “that’s where some of the best conversations happen.”

“If you could just put a camera in my kitchen and just let it run you would get a lot of content,” Wade tells PEOPLE. “A lot of times when we’re at home that’s the area—it’s kind of where everybody migrates toward. It just has that kind of vibe.”

The athlete is quick to admit that he and his wife Gabrielle Union-Wade “absolutely” do not cook, hence why they rely on Ingraham.

“Neither one of us would starve,” Wade says with a laugh. “I come from an upbringing where I had to fend for myself, so I definitely know how to, but it’s the one thing that I always said—I was like ‘yo, if I ever get money, I ain’t washing dishes no more, I ain’t cooking no more.’ So I’ve been blessed to be able to not have to do some of those things.”

Wade is the first to say his palate is still young and developing, and while his favorite meal that Ingraham cooks for him is sea bass, and he often opts for comfort food classics like pizza and burgers. The star, who recently invested in 800° Woodfired Kitchen with his teammate Udonis Haslem, dubbed himself a “burger connoisseur” and says that his go-to cheat meal is a burger, french fries, and a coke.

“I love all burgers. I mean you can’t really mess a burger up to me,” Wade says. “If you mess a burger up you don’t really need to be cooking. If you’ve got a burger on the menu, I’m going to try it.”

Courtesy Dwayne Wade

During a special Father’s Day episode entitled “Sangria and Fatherhood,” Wade shares how numerous men impacted his life, such as basketball coaches, neighbors, and friends, along with his own father. He also mentions how big of an impact Ingraham had on his kids—Zaire, 16, Zion, 11, and Xavier, 4—because he’s able to be around while Wade is traveling.

“Chef is an important part of my life outside of just being my chef,” Wade tells PEOPLE. “He is like a brother. He is like a father figure.”

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While Wade’s future hangs in the balance with the Miami Heat—he still hasn’t announced if he will return to the NBA for the 2018-2019 season or retire—he does plan to continue his YouTube series and invest more time in his other business ventures. The star hopes to expand his culinary show to include more special guests like his wife and possibly take requests for central themes and topics of conversation for each episode.

Tune In to “Wade’s Kitchen Convos” on YouTube, which releases a new episode roughly every two weeks.

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