The actor hid backstage while the group sipped his new tequila — and then gave them the surprise of a lifetime


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson surprised some lucky fans (and debuted his bartending skills!) while hosting a blind taste test of his new Teremana tequila exclusively for PeopleTV.

"There is a focus group here and they are taste testing my new tequila," Johnson says in the opening of the video, which was filmed in February, before the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic. "This is the very first time that I've participated in any kind of taste-testing, certainly surprising people, so this is going to be a lot of fun. I hope they like it."

From there, the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star hid backstage with a headset on as he observed a group of six strangers try two versions of the alcoholic beverage, the Blanco and the Reposado.

Julie Jordan, PEOPLE's Senior West Coast writer led the blind taste test, posing it as market research to ensure a surprise.

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"Oh that was smooth," one tester reacted when given a taste of the Blanco tequila, which has notes of bright citrus and is distilled in copper pots.

"It has a nice, like, aftertone," another member of the group added. "It's very light."

When asked to describe the flavor in one word, the group joked it was "a little dangerous" because of how smooth the liquor felt.

Dwayne Johnson tequila

Next up was the Reposado, which is aged in former bourbon barrels and has notes of oak and vanilla.

"It has like a whiskey feel to it almost," one taste tester described.

The group was then asked to describe either of the tequilas as an animal, with one member saying it reminded him of a dog "because dogs are comforting and dogs are great companions."

Another characterized it as a jaguar, explaining that both tequilas felt "smooth and luxurious."

Finally, it was time for Johnson to surprise the group, and share a bit about his passion for the brand. After the initial gasps, the shocked participants all introduced themselves to Johnson and toasted "to good friends, to family, to life, to gratitude, to mana."

When Johnson first unveiled the tequila in October, he explained the meaning behind its name.

“TERA is meant to represent ‘Terre’ which means of the earth and MANA is our powerful Polynesian spirit that guides us," he shared on Instagram at the time.

“Our goal is to create a tequila that is the best of quality and taste, but done the right way — by hand,” he continued. “Small batch, hand crafted tequila from our Teremana blue agave, maturing in the highlands of Jalisco, for everyone to enjoy.”

Teremana tequila is available at select retail stores which can be located on the brand's website. The Teremana Blanco retails at $29.99 while the Teremana Reposado is priced at $32.99.

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