Dwayne Johnson Sends 101-Year-Old Fan Free Tequila on Her Birthday: 'It's Not Time to Do Shots'

"Remember to SIP the Mana, grandma and it's not time to do shots," Dwayne Johnson said

Dwayne Johnson celebrates grandmother's birthday
Photo: The Rock/Instagram

Grandma Grover will be celebrating her milestone birthday with some tequila, thanks to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!

On Saturday, the actor sent his biggest fan, Marie Grover, some of his Teremana Tequila in honor of her 101st birthday. "HAPPY BEAUTIFUL 101 BIRTHDAY to Grandma Grover! 🎂🎊❤️👏🏾👏🏾 Good to see you received my gift of @teremana bottles and the card I wrote you!" Johnson shared on Instagram.

He also jokingly told her to not take any celebratory shots. "Remember to SIP the Mana, grandma and it's not time to do shots 🤣☺️👍🏾," he added. "Happiest of birthdays — what an amazing and blessed life 🙏🏾 Enjoy your mana, Marie! DJ 🖤."

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Johnson was first introduced to Grover last year through Jamie Klingler, who tweeted a message to Johnson asking if he would consider wishing her best friend’s grandmother a happy 100th birthday.

"She will lose her mind. When we were in high school (25 years ago) she would wear a rock sweat shirt and tell us how handsome he is," she wrote, adding that a friend of a friend was already working on getting in touch.

Within just a few hours, Johnson tweeted back, eager to do whatever he could to make Grover's big day extra special. "What?? First I’m hearing of this! Who’s turning 100? Beautiful age! What do you need, Jamie?" he asked, as Klingler shared that she’d love it if the star "would record a little video."

Johnson ended up sending a video to Grover, singing Happy Birthday to her, and wishing Grover "a huge congratulations on 100 years."

"What an amazing life," he said in the video. "Now you can eat cake, you can get drunk, and you can have the best time. Party hard! I’m sending you so much love, muah! Happy birthday!"

"Love you right back you Rock you," Grover hilariously replied in a video Klingler shared on Twitter, showing the birthday girl watching her surprise video.

Johnson later shared a note about his sweet gesture, writing, "Love seeing this. Happy 100th Grandma Grover! I’m honored you’re a fan and grateful you were born! Much love, Rock."

The star went on to note that while he wished his own grandmother "was still around," "stuff like this is always the best part of fame."

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