Next on Duff Goldman's to-do list since getting engaged: buy a ring, then get started on the cake.
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Next on Duff Goldman‘s to-do list since getting engaged: buy a ring, then get started on the cake.

The Ace of Cakes star proposed to his girlfriend of almost two years, Johnna Colbry, on Sunday with a piece of butcher’s twine after having a gut feeling about their relationship.

“It was really weird. I was in the shower, I was shaving my head and it felt like a punch to my heart. It was just like, ‘Boom! You’re incredibly in love with this girl, you need to marry her.'” he told PEOPLE on Tuesday while sitting next to his bride-to-be. “I almost called her from the shower—I think it was a good idea that I didn’t though.”

Instead of popping the question while covered in suds, Goldman, 43, dried off, took a few deep breaths and got ready to pick up Colbry, 24, for their Easter celebration at her family’s house where he would ask for her mom’s permission.

Credit: Duff Goldman/Instagram. Inset: Johnna Colbry/Instagram

“I’m a impetuous person and I was just like, you know, I’m not sure what’s going on, let’s just pump the party breaks.” he said. “I told myself that when she walks out of her building, I’ll know when I see her.”

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The owner of Charm City Cakes says that the moment he laid eyes on her, “it was like my heart jumped out of my chest and flew across the street into her lap.”

Because the proposal was so spontaneous, Goldman didn’t have a chance to buy a ring (“I’m usually good about being ready for stuff. I definitely wasn’t ready for this,” he said.) so he used a piece of butcher’s twine as a place holder—but insists he plans on getting Colbry a real sparkler.

“I better go get a ring! Are you kidding me?” he said. “I mean, the huge thing though—and I feel like this is why I am currently in love with this girl—is that if I just wanted it to be a piece of butcher’s twine, I think she’d be okay with that.”

Though the pair have “no idea” what the plans for their nuptials will eventually be, the sweets master fittingly already has their wedding cake on his mind. “You’re going to have the best cake!” he said to Colbry.

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But instead of taking control of the elaborate confection, Goldman—who has designed cakes for celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres—is leaving it up to his fianceé.

“I’ll probably let Johnna design it. I’ve designed plenty of cakes. I don’t want to design anymore cakes,” he said with a laugh. “I’m sure I’ll help.”