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Updated December 08, 2020 12:51 PM
Drew Barrymore Wine

It may seem like Drew Barrymore can do anything.

The mom-of-two is an A-list actress and producer, has a successful beauty line and has now launched a brand new (and, may we say delicious) wine. But don’t expect the star to follow in the footsteps of fellow celebs Gwyneth Paltrow or Blake Lively — there will be no lifestyle blog in her future.

The self-proclaimed “new cook” tells PEOPLE, “Along the way I’ve gotten more adventurous with my cooking, but I’m no lifestyle [expert]. I don’t pretend that I do things well, or that I have things to teach people; I don’t. I look like an unsexy, frazzled freak in the kitchen.”

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But, Barrymore — who just debuted her new California vintage Barrymore by Carmel Road Pinot Grigio — was inspired by motherhood to start her culinary quest. “I sucked so badly at cooking my whole life,” she said at the launch of her latest wine. “When I started having kids I just didn’t want to accept that from myself, that I would just be looking at them with a terrified, blank stare. I wanted to be able to cook for them.”

So what does the star like to whip up in the kitchen? “My daughter really likes the salmon I make her,” she says. “I’ve learned to cook it at the perfect temperature and make a really nice sear on the top. I’m always proud when I’m making that for her because I’m like, ‘honey, I wouldn’t have known how to cook salmon before you were born to save my life!'”

However, for date night with husband Will Kopelman, the couple likes to go out or order in, although Barrymore says, “He’s very nice and eats the food I try to make and gives me an honest opinion.”

And, when it comes to the menu, if the star had her way, it would always include two of her favorite dishes. “I love any kind of taco and pasta is my life,” she confesses. “If I could eat pasta morning, noon and night I would make a scrambled egg breakfast pasta, I would make a pesto for lunch and a spicy vodka sauce for dinner.”

So, dinner at Drew’s? But seriously, if we didn’t love her enough, the star had a refreshing take on balancing diet and fitness. “I’m not in great shape, but I just made babies and I love food too much,” she says. “I’m just not one of those aggressive [types] that I’m going to wake up and work out and diet all day long. I just can’t.”

—Michelle Ward

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