The talk show host dropped a line of kitchen gadgets, called Beautiful Kitchenware, exclusively at Walmart in March
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Drew Barrymore Beautiful cookware
Credit: Walmart

When it comes to cooking, Drew Barrymore is all about making things quick, easy and aesthetically pleasing. 

That's what inspired her to create her new kitchenware line, Beautiful Kitchenware, which dropped online and in Walmart stores in late March. With the goal of making cooking simpler and all around more fun, the mom of two, 46, wanted to create a cookware collection that she would enjoy looking at on her counter — and that's exactly what she did. 

"My big passion is design, and before [The Drew Barrymore Show] was a possibility, I thought that's where my life was headed. So that was really my big goal with creating a kitchen line: to make appliances that were simply more beautiful," the talk show host tells PEOPLE exclusively of the collection, which includes a high-performance blender, a two-slice toaster, an air fryer toaster oven, a one-touch electric kettle, a programmable coffee maker a touch-screen air fryer and more. 

"And for me, as a girl, I don't know how it is for men, but I feel like there's so much masculine, black-with-silver gadgetry, and it's just a turnoff for me," she continues.

The Beautiful line is therefore available in a number of contemporary colorways — including sage green, navy blue and pure white — and each item is designed to be sleek and innovative. Nothing has too many buttons or screens, so anyone can use them with ease, Barrymore says. 

"I wanted to do something that felt really technologically forward, because we're only moving closer and quicker into the future, but I wanted it to have a timeless feel," she says. "I just thought, 'where are we at right now in our world?' And that was the inspiration for the way I designed it."

Though Barrymore loves and uses all the gadgets in her line ("they're all my babies!" she jokes), the sage green air fryer is probably her favorite, she admits.  And it turned out to be a favorite with fans too, selling out in less than 24 hours after it was first launched (don't worry, it's being continually restocked). 

"I'm so happy every time I see that air fryer," Barrymore says. "They really are the 'it' gadgets of the moment. I think because they're innovative and different."

She also notes that the air fryer allows food to "really get a texture that before you had to broil and be really talented in the kitchen to get." The star shared a crispy buffalo cauliflower air fryer recipe in this week's PEOPLE, on stands now, as well as a few tips for getting that perfect cook every time. 

For starters, she says, you should always remove as much moisture from your food as possible before cooking. That means patting unbattered meat and vegetables dry to avoid steaming the food. "This also prevents excess smoke and encourages browning," she says.

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Barrymore also suggests making sure there's plenty of space in the air fryer basket before you start frying. "Don't overcrowd the basket; it'll lead to uneven cooking," she says. Instead, cook in smaller batches — and shake the basket periodically — to keep things crispy.

Finally, she recommends getting creative, because the air fryer is capable of cooking in so many different ways. It circulates hot air around food to quickly bake, roast, broil and more. "Instead of the microwave, use it to reheat foods for tastier leftovers," she recommends. Last night's dinner just got much more appealing!

Fans who want to get their hands on the air fryer can find the entire Beautiful Kitchenware line in stores or on the Walmart website. The air fryer costs $89, but prices start at  $4 for this set of measuring cups and go no higher than $129 for the toaster oven

Find Barrymore's Air-Fried Cauliflower Bites with Buffalo Ranch Sauce recipe in this week's PEOPLE.