Drake Lyrics on Cake Is Our New Favorite Thing on the Internet

Did you expect anything less from a Drake fan?

Drake on Cake Instagram

Were you unable to score one (or two) of Tom Ford’s coveted Drake lipsticks? Don’t cry-sing “Marvin’s Room” to yourself just yet.

You may just want to scroll through Joy Wilson’s (best known as Joy the Baker) spin-off Instagram account for a Drake-themed pick-me-up/ode to the rapper.

In November, Wilson began posting beautiful cake creations (cupcakes included!) topped with Drake song lyrics on an account called Drake on Cake. Everything from 2013’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (above) to a minimalistic take on “The Motto” (which armed teens and frat guys alike with the word “YOLO”) has been covered by the baker.

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While the cakes aren’t for sale, they do serve as the best kind of inspiration — especially when you’re running out of things to gift your Drake-obsessed friend. Why not just bake up a sweet reminder of how much you tolerate — err, appreciate — his/her love of the former Degrassi star? Greatest pal ever.

Music-inspired desserts are nothing new, of course. In recent months, baker-blogger Lindsay Nathanson created cakes inspired by Taylor Swift’s 1989 song lyrics.

Let’s just hope she gets even more inspiration once the rapper’s Views from the 6 drops.

—Grace Gavilanes

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