The rapper is here to introduce the world to the Realest Dude Ever.

By Benjamin VanHoose
July 17, 2017 05:23 PM

Forget about the Most Interesting Man in the WorldDrake is here to introduce the world to the Realest Dude Ever — who happens to be his father.

In a set of new commercials for his whiskey brand Virginia Black, the Grammy-winning rapper pokes fun at the popular face of Dos Equis beer marketing campaigns.

“Would you like to know who’s not worried about the Most Interesting Man in the World? The Realest Dude Ever,” Drake says in the videos, complete with a gold chain around his black turtleneck.

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Each video ends with the Realest Dude — played by Drake’s dad Dennis Graham — eccentrically saying the line bound to become the viral trademark: “Virginia Black: One sip, and woo!”

The 15-second ads have racked up millions of views on Drake’s Instagram. Even fellow entrepreneurial rapper Sean Combs voiced his support for Drake on social media, tweeting, “Another man of color owning their own is big for all of us!!! It’s time to start supporting us!!!! Congrats @Drake #BlackExcellence”

Drake, 30, invested in the whiskey company run by Brent Hocking last year, with the mission to “redefine whiskey and a shared passion for style, music and the pursuit of taste.” Virginia Black offers aged bourbon whiskey with high rye contents and a 40 percent ABV (alcohol by volume).

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“I looked for holes in the market and I saw that of all the spirits out there, bourbon is probably the most clique-y,” Hocking previously told PEOPLE. “There’s not an easy drinking one everyone is thinking there’s one way to do it, which is to make it harder and harder to drink. Proofs get higher and higher every year.”

Actor Jonathan Goldsmith portrayed the Most Interesting Man in Dos Equis advertisements for almost a decade before retiring from it last year. “It was such a delight to bring a smile to people’s faces, and that’s what always happened,” he previously told PEOPLE.