Drake Reportedly Bought $50,000 Worth of Groceries for Shoppers at a Miami Supermarket

On Tuesday, Drake stopped by the Sabor Tropical Supermarket in Miami and told shoppers via a megaphone that he'd be paying for their purchases.

After donating $25,000 to a high school in Miami where he shot his next music video and awarded a $50,000 scholarship to a lucky University of Miami student, Drake continued his generosity spree by covering the grocery bills of shoppers at a local supermarket.

On Tuesday, the rapper stopped by the Sabor Tropical Supermarket in Miami and told shoppers via a megaphone that he’d be paying for their purchases, according to E! News. The rapper reportedly spent $50,000 on the groceries.

“No one knew he was coming at all, we just came to do groceries. Cameras were being set up so we were all wondering what was to happen,” Guille Deza, who was at the store for the surprise, told the outlet. The customer added that the gossip around the store was that the act was part of Drake’s upcoming music video for “God’s Plan.”

Ernesto Rodriguez/Miami Police Department

Excited patrons also snapped selfies with the 31-year-old singer.

“A real king when out and paid for everyone’s groceries in the store, all the while encouraging people to buy more lol,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “BE GOOD AND IT’LL COME RIGHT BACK AROUND!!! 👏 so much love and bless this man 100 times over for all his generosity.”

Of course, some Miami residents just missed meeting Drake, and expressed their disappointment on Twitter.

“My aunt met drake today at the supermarket on 71….. he bought everybody groceries,” one user lamented. “THE DAY I DONT GO SEE HER HES THERE. FML.”

Another said, “When u find out drake was at the supermarket at the corner or your house and you were just taking a nap.”

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Drake’s giving spree started on Monday, when he made an afternoon drop-in at Miami Senior High to shoot the visuals for “God’s Plan,” the latest hit off his new EP, Scary Hours.

He performed his song on a crane located on the school’s baseball field, while a drone camera captured the proceedings. Thrilled students made videos of their own, many of which were shared to social media.

Jimmy Abraham/Miami-Dade County Public Schools

“It was amazing and unexpected,” Miami Senior High alumnus Edgar Grant Santiago told the Miami Herald. “Where can you say you got Drake to go your school? At Miami Senior High that’s where. That was truly God’s plan to bless the school.”

In addition to an unforgettable memory, the rapper also presented the school with a check for $25,000 — and reportedly offered to help design new school uniforms.

Later that same afternoon, Drake made another surprise appearance at the University of Miami, where he awarded a $50,000 scholarship to one lucky student outside the Frost School of Music.

Before he left, Drake led the assembled crowd through a quick set on the steps of the student center. Apparently, they weren’t ready to let him go — the Miami Hurricane reports that throngs of fans chased his motorcade down the boulevard!

On Tuesday, Drake’s generosity continued when he stopped by Lotus House, Miami’s only homeless shelter for women and children. The nonprofit shelter is raising $25 million to expand its facilities, and the rapper came prepared with a $50,000 check in hand. Additionally, Drake handed out $150 Target gift cards to all 130 women already residing at the shelter, and came equipped with toys and games for 140 kids.

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