It's the first new Dr. Pepper flavor in the last five years.

There’s a new soda in town, and it’s a fruity twist on a familiar favorite.

Unlike some other beverage brands, Dr. Pepper has always kept things pretty classic—only shaking things up by adding cherry and vanilla as permanent flavors over the years. Now, all that is changing, as the brand releases its newest iteration: Dr. Pepper Dark Berry—the first new flavor to launch nationally in the past five years.

Bringing out Dr. Pepper’s “dark side” by highlighting blackberry, black currant and black cherry flavors, the new drink puts a subtle, fruity twist on the original soda, which already boasts a blend of 23 flavors.

Dr. Pepper Dark Berry will be available nationwide starting May 1, so be sure to check the shelves of your local grocery store in the coming weeks. A 12-pack of cans will cost around $5.29, while a 20 oz. bottle will set you back approximately $1.99. The new beverage will only be available for a limited time, so you’ll have to act fast and stock up.

Dr. Pepper Dark Berry

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As any fans likely already noticed, the limited-time beverage also comes with special edition, collectible Spider-Man packaging to celebrate the release of the new movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home, set to be released July 5, 2019. The much-anticipated sci-fi thriller stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal and more.

The news comes just after Pepsi announce the release of three new fruity flavors: lime, berry and mango. In January, Diet Coke launched blueberry acai and strawberry guava flavors.