Doritos Roulette

Hey, spicy food lovers: Doritos has thrown down the gauntlet.

Frito-Lay has challenged your taste buds to a game of spice roulette with its new Doritos Roulette bags. The chips, which were previously only available abroad, just arrived in the U.S. on April 27.

Here’s how it works: Most of the chips in the special bags are the brand’s traditional nacho flavor, but approximately one out of every eight chips is infused with insanely hot spice. So you never know whether the one you pull will be safe or have you running for the nearest faucet to extinguish the fire in your mouth.

Based on these reaction photos from Instagram and Twitter, looks like Doritos isn’t messing around with the spice:

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Now being connoisseurs of spice, we have a few questions about these some-hot-some-not chips:

1. Does the spice from the spicy chips rub off on the normal chips?

2. Are there any tell-tale clues that you’ll be getting a spicy chip?

3. Do they smell spicy?

4. How hot are they really? Ghost pepper candy hot?

Let the taste testing begin.

—Kristin Appenbrink