Kind of a Big Dill: Doritos Has Brought Back Its Fan-Favorite Tangy Pickle Flavor

The bag is back in limited quantities, along with newcomer, Tangy Ranch, starting Aug. 2

Doritos Tangy Pickle Flavor

We're anything but cool as a cucumber over the news that Doritos has released two new limited-edition flavors for August: Tangy Ranch and Tangy Pickle.

Tangy Pickle, which debuted last summer, was met with rave reviews. The taste is bold, salty, and, you guessed it, tangy — practically everything you could want in a chip and then some. But don't get *too* excited — only 1,000 bags will be available Aug. 9 on

The brand-new Tangy Ranch is a "delicious combination of the classic Doritos crunch paired with the savory tastes of ranch seasoning," according to a press release. "Perfect for the adventurous snacker, this exciting new flavor fuses the familiar with the unique to offer Doritos fans the bold taste they have been searching for."

This flavor is currently available on most grocery store shelves nationwide.

Doritos Tangy Ranch

To celebrate the re-launch of Tangy Pickle, Doritos is kicking off a social contest on Monday, Aug. 9. Fans can enter on Doritos' Instagram page to win a limited-edition branded boombox kit featuring a bag of Doritos Tangy Pickle in retro packaging, bluetooth speaker, and '90s-themed swag.

More of a Lay's fan but still want in on the fun? Lay's recently announced that Doritos and Funyuns will be brought to life as Lay's potato chips.

Lay's Doritos Cool Ranch will be offered in its traditional chip form, jam-packed with the zesty ranch seasoning you've grown to love (or love licking from your fingers), while Lay's Wavy Funyuns Onion will get the ridged edge treatment to make the chip more dippable. Both are in stores now.

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