Domino's Pizza to Open 850 New Locations Across Italy — and Some People Aren't Thrilled

"Why would you ever order a Domino's Pizza (in the birthplace of Pizza) over the real thing?" one Twitter user asked

Italy is getting a new pizza fix — but many people aren’t happy about it.

Domino’s Pizza is reportedly planning a large expansion in Italy, with a plan to open over 850 new locations in the country in the next decade. They will join the European nation’s current 28 restaurants, with a goal of bringing the total up to 880 by 2030, The Local reported last week.

According to the outlet, Alessandro Lazzaroni, CEO of Domino’s in Italy, said the expansion will be focused in northern and central parts of Italy. The franchise hopes to claim two percent of Italy’s pizza market share over the next 10 years, and hope to become the go-to for food delivery.

Dominoes Pizza

Upon hearing the news, many people shared their anger on Twitter, confused as to why an American pizza company — which has 16,000 stores open in 85 other countries — would be trying to infiltrate the market that introduced the very first pizza.

“Domino’s in Italy? Is like, selling ice to eskimos… Authentic Italian pizza with fresh dough/ingredients is the top of the food chain (literally),” one user shared. “Why would you ever order a Domino’s Pizza (in the birthplace of Pizza) over the real thing? Should be some law against this.

“I just read that over the next decade @dominos pizza plans to open 800 stores across Italy/ What filth and garbage,” another wrote. “Must Americans ruin everything?”

“WHY? THIS IS THE HOME OF REAL PIZZA! Domino’s Pizza to open 850 outlets in Italy – Wanted In Milan,” a third tweeted.

Other users joked, “Now, people in Italy can finally taste what substandard pizza is like.”

And, “Dominos has announced that it will open over 800 pizzerias in ITALY over the next decade. It’s truly the end of civilization.”

A spokesperson from the company told PEOPLE in a statement: “Domino’s is loved in countries all around the world, from Japan to Italy to Brazil, and we’re proud of the growth potential that our master franchisee in Italy is anticipating.”

The first Domino’s Pizza in Italy opened in 2015, but it isn’t the first American brand to make its way over to Europe. In 2018, Starbucks opened its first store in Italy and also planned expansion there, The Local reported.

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