The pizza chain has developed an advertisement to appeal to customers of all ages.

If you’re a loyal fan of Domino’s, you already know that the tracking feature after you order your pizza is simply the best.

But for those who are unfamiliar, the pizza chain has developed just the ad campaign to appeal to customers both young and old.

In the clip above, an iconic scene from the 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off features a more modern actor, Joe Keery—who played the hunky high schooler Steve in Netflix’s smash hit series Stranger Thingsas the teenage protagonist.

A feeling most millennials can relate to, Keery says goodbye to his girlfriend and does everything he can to make it home in time for his pizza after seeing the tracker is at the “delivery” stage. The scene imitates the famous Bueller scene where he realizes he needs to make it home before his parents.

A familiar face can also be seen in the commercial — Alan Ruck, who played Cameron Frye in the hit film, but is now driving an Audi and acting as Bueller’s father.

Keery makes it home just in time as the Domino’s car drives up and hands him his pizza.

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Look out for two more versions of the advertisement, which feature Keery recreating more famous scenes and using Alexa and a smartwatch to track his order.