They look good enough to eat, but unfortunately are not edible.

By Shay Spence
January 10, 2019 04:19 PM
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Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears have been an iconic fashion statement among Disney lovers since the debut of the original Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950s, becoming a practically mandatory accessory for those strolling through any Disney park.

And just as the food at Walt Disney World and Disneyland has evolved and expanded beyond the classic Mickey ice cream bars over the years, so too have the style options, with rose gold and rainbow pride ears making waves recently. Now, the world of Disney cuisine and couture are colliding in the form of donut-shaped Minnie Mouse ears.

Spotted at Disneyland by Instagram user @jollypoppins7, the new headband is made with two (non-edible) donuts with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles in place of traditional ears, along with a glittery blue bow in the center.

The item was spotted at the Emporium, a souvenir shop at the beginning of Main Street in the original Disneyland park. It retails at $27.99 before tax, according to the Instagram eyewitness.

A spokesperson for Disney did not immediately respond about whether these will also be available at Walt Disney World in Orlando, and they’re not currently for sale online—but we can only wish upon a star.