See All the Best Food and Drink Options at Disneyland's New Avengers Campus Opening June 4

The menu items include super-sized pretzels, craft beer flights and plant-based offerings

Pym Test Kitchen featuring Impossible, the quick-service restaurant on Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park
Photo: David Nguyen

Avengers, assemble and get ready to eat!

On Monday, Disney Parks Food Blog released a guide to all of the food offerings that will be available at the new Avengers campus opening at Disneyland Resort on June 4. The land, which will be located inside of Disney's California Adventure Park, boasts three new eateries including a sit-down restaurant and two food carts.

At Pym's Test Kitchen, fans of Ant-Man and The Wasp can watch a pretzel grow and shrink through a quantum tunnel in the kitchen laboratory, and even order a super-sized Bavarian-style pretzel with a cheddar cheese beer sauce built to share.

Other standout menu items from Pym's Test Kitchen include the Atomic Fusion Pretzel — made buffalo-style and loaded with chicken, hot sauce, ranch dressing, blue cheese crumbles, celery and dill-pickled carrots — and the Not So Little Chicken Sandwich, which boasts fried chicken, teriyaki and red chili sauces on a brioche bun.

At Pym Test Kitchen in Avengers Campus inside Disney California Adventure Park
Atomic Fusion Pretzel. David Nguyen

The eatery serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even features menu items for those with dietary restrictions like the Impossible Spoonful. It contains both rigatoni and ditalini pastas, plant-based meatballs, tomato sauce, dairy-free parmesan, and micro basil. The Caesar Salad + Colossal Crouton offers a unique, vegetarian option.

At Pym Test Kitchen in Avengers Campus inside Disney California Adventure Park
David Nguyen

For the kiddos, the restaurant offers plenty of options including the Teeny Pym-ini: a toasted ham and provolone sandwich with marinara dipping sauce.

Pym Test Kitchen featuring Impossible, the quick-service restaurant on Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park
David Nguyen

Of course, Pym's Test Kitchen also has creative beverages like the Pingo Doce, which Marvel fans will recognize as the lemon-lime soda with a vanilla kick, and a Proton PB&J Punch, made with lemonade, peanut butter and strawberry and topped with peanut-butter-infused whipped cream and peanut butter pretzels.

Avengers Campus Food & Beverage – Pym Tasting Lab and Pym Test Kitchen Beverages
David Nguyen

Imagineering staff writer Jillian Pagan helped create the concept for the Pym Test Kitchen and gave reporters a sneak peek of the concept back in March 2020.

"Superheroes don't normally open restaurants, but what they would do is use their technology to help the world," Pagan said. "So that's the story of our Pym Test Kitchen. Pym Test Kitchen is inspired by the world of Ant Man and the Wasp. In our story, they are using their shrinking and growing technology to create new innovations in food science because, of course, you can feed more people if you can run a normal sized pretzel through this quantum tunnel machine, hit it with some Pym particles and make it grow to a giant size. Our food and beverage team has done an amazing job at extending that storytelling to the food, so you will be able to actually purchase a giant pretzel."

Next door to Pym's Test Kitchen, adult Disney-goers will find Pym's Tasting Lab with an outdoor seating area where guests can eat, grab a grown-up beverage from the menu of craft beers and speciality cocktails or enjoy the sights of some nearby activations featuring Marvel's most famous superheroes.

Pym testing Lab Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park
David Nguyen

The X-Periment is sure to light your taste buds on fire with tequila, lime juice, mango and habenaro syrups and mango popping pearls. On the sweeter side, the Molecular Meltdown is made with marshmallow milk stout, vanilla ice cream and miniature marshmallows.

Elsewhere in Avengers land, guests can also visit two grab-and-go food carts modeled after scenes from the Marvel series. Shwarma Palace features a chicken shwarma wrap called New York's Tastiest, and a plant-based offering called the Impossible Victory Falafel.

In Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park, guests can can eat at Tony Stark’s favorite “shawarma joint,” Shawarma Palace
David Nguyen

Near the Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! attraction, guests will find a cart to satisfy their sweet tooth. Choose from the Cosmic Cream Orb (a cream puff made with whipped raspberry cheesecake mousse) or Sweet Spiral Rations (churro spirals with unique flavors).

Terran Treats in Avengers Campus inside Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California
David Nguyen

Guests also don't have to just enjoy their food and beverages in the park. They can take home some Disney magic from Avengers world such as the Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet to hold your favorite Coca-Cola beverage or a pint-sized mini beer flight: an oversized ruler flight board with beer steins.

Disney originally planned to reopen its California resort as early as July 17, 2020 but the company announced at the time that the approval they had expected imminently from state and local government officials would not be granted in time. Only the Downtown Disney District began a phased reopening in July. A later expansion onto California Adventure's Buena Vista Street had to be partly rolled back amid new restrictions informed by spiking infection rates in the state.

Now, the Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort has an official opening date of June 4, 2021.

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