Disneyland to Debut Massive $100 Sandwich at New Avengers Campus

Inspired by the "Pym Particles" used to alter physics in Ant-Man, the massive sandwich is intended to be shared between six to eight people

Photo: Disney Parks

Disneyland just added a meal to the menu that even the Hulk might have trouble finishing by himself.

The California theme park is debuting a massive $100 sandwich at their upcoming Avengers Campus. The "Quantum-sized Pym-ini" will be available at the Pym Test Kitchen, featuring salami, rosemary ham, provolone, sun-dried tomato spread on toasted focaccia with marinara dipping sauce and arugula salad on the side.

Inspired by the "Pym Particles" used for the size-altering physics of the Ant-Man movies, the portion is intended to be shared between six to eight people. An individual portion will be available for $14.50. There's also a shrunken down child-size option called the "Teeny Pym-ini" for $10.

Other supersized noms include the "Impossible Spoonful," a giant plant-based meatball on an equally giant spoon for $14. There's also a pretty self-explanatory "Caesar Salad and Colossal Crouton" for $12.50.

Avengers Campus, opening June 4, 2021, at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California
David Nguyen

Imagineering staff writer Jillian Pagan, who helped create the concept for the Pym Test Kitchen, gave reporters a taste of what's to come in March 2020. "Superheroes don't normally open restaurants, but what they would do is use their technology to help the world," she said.

"So that's the story of our Pym Test Kitchen," Pagan added. "In our story, they are using their shrinking and growing technology to create new innovations in food science because, of course, you can feed more people if you can run a normal sized pretzel through this quantum tunnel machine, hit it with some Pym particles and make it grow to a giant size. Our food and beverage team has done an amazing job at extending that storytelling to the food, so you will be able to actually purchase a giant pretzel."

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All of delectably disproportionate food options will be available when the Pym Test Kitchen opens along with the Avengers Campus on June 4. The theme park was supposed to open in July 2020, before the COVID-19 lockdown delayed the opening.

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