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January 29, 2015 03:45 PM

Disney; Courtesy Cocktails by Cody

Looks like Peter Pan isn’t alone in never wanting to grow up.

For adult Disney-fans who want to channel their inner child — while also getting their drink on — the Disney Food Blog has created cocktails based on our all-time favorite flicks, like Frozen, Cinderella and Peter Pan that are colorful, sweet and simple (three things important for those of us who are not professional mixologists.)

These drinks, created by Cocktails by Cody, are further evidence that Disney-themed celebrations aren’t just for children under 12: You could already wear a Disney-inspired wedding gown to your nuptials, and now you can complete the theme with these matching cocktails.

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But they’re also perfect for those non-celebratory scenarios, too. Here are a few recommendations for how to best Disney drink your sorrows away:

– Get home from a bad first date who gave you the cold shoulder? Sip on Elsa’s Frozen-inspired cocktail “Coldfront” (made with white chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, peppermint schnapps and milk) as you cry-sing your way through “Let It Go” and scroll through Tinder.

Courtesy Cocktails by Cody

– Have a bad day at work and having one of those “being an adult sucks” kind of moments? Play (Captain) hooky the next day and make yourself the Peter Pan-inspired drink “Lost Boy” (made with Midori, peach schnapps and Malibu) while you watch an old episode of Friends on Netflix after calling in sick.

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– In a fight with your best friend? Try the “sassy” Tinker Bell-inspired sipper “Fairy Dust” (made with honey vodka, triple sec and cider), while you watch Mean Girls and catch up on the latest gossip.

– Having writers block or a creative slump? Try the Alice In Wonderland-inspired cocktail dubbed “Curious Confection” (with creme de banana, blue curacao, Malibu and orange vodka). While it won’t make you hallucinate your way into Wonderland per se, the drink looks real pretty.

– Having family problems? Instead of yelling, try drinking the Tangled-inspired drink, sarcastically-titled “Mother Knows Best,” (made with hibiscus vodka, rose water liqueur and sparkling cranberry juice). In that movie, the mother was evil. Your mother is likely not evil, so the hope is in comparison to being locked away in a tower and held hostage, your problems won’t seem so bad!

– Having other issues not listed? Go to the cure-all cocktail inspired by The Lion King, aptly titled “No Worries” (with peach vodka, amaretto and orange juice mango). And come on, be happy!

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Get the rest of the recipes here. And drink responsibly, like an adult (because remember, you’re not actually in Neverland).

—Laura Lane

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