Dippin' Dots

*Runs to the closest mall kiosk*

March 06, 2019 05:06 PM

Whether you ate them at an amusement park, baseball game or your local mall, Dippin’ Dots were surely a staple from your childhood. Flash-frozen mini beads of delicious ice cream, Dippin’ Dots are famous for their unique form and sweet flavors, including bubble gum, brownie batter, banana split and moose tracks. On Wednesday, Dippin’ Dots announced a new flavor being added to their roster: Cool Mint Crunch.

Available now in stores and online, Cool Mint Crunch combines refreshing mint ice cream with crumbles of chocolatey Oreo cookies—classic cookies ‘n’ cream flavor with a game-changing twist.

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“Combining the cool sensation of mint with the sweet crunch of Oreo cookies gives our loyal customers a delicious two-in-one flavor,” said Michael Barrette, chief marketing and sales officer for Dippin’ Dots. “Fans can enjoy Cool Mint Crunch at their favorite mall, fair, festival, theme park, stadium or zoo, or buy it online for delivery right to their door.”

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Not only does it sound tasty, but the new flavor is also a cute mint green color—perfect for consuming on St. Patrick’s Day. Check out our list of other green foods and drinks you can get at national chains for the holiday!

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