'Dilly Dilly' is Back in Bud Light's New Super Bowl Commercial—And It's Something Straight Out of 'Game of Thrones'

"The Bud Knight" is here to save the day.

The “Dilly Dilly” era is going out with a bang.

Bud Light will unveil the two final installments of its Game of Thrones-esque commercials during this year’s Super Bowl, and the ubiquitous catchphrase, only to be shouted in your most hearty outside voice, is bound to go viral again.

The first 30 second spot “Ye Olde Pep Talk” is slated to air during the first quarter of the big game. The clip reintroduces the medieval world and the Bud Light-loving people we’ve come to know as they prepare to fight for beer, though they are greatly outnumbered by their opponent. In the final commercial, airing during the second quarter, the army looks to be in deep trouble and only one man can swoop in to save them.

“The Bud Knight” stars in the seventh installment since the first “Dilly Dilly” commercial “Banquet” first went viral last August, triggering an entire series. Though at first the knight in shining armor plans to skip out on the battle to stop by a friend’s party, he eventually uses his powers for good at the last minute.

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If you’re still wondering what “Dilly Dilly” even means, you’re not alone. Merriam Webster says the definition for dilly “comes from an obsolete adjective meaning ‘delightful.'”

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Andy Goler, VP of Bud Light on the other hand, gave some insight from the company on what they intended for the popular expression.

“The dictionary definition of the word differs from our definition slightly, but to us, it was a sort of medieval form of ‘cheers,'” he told Thrillist. “The phrase has taken on a life and a meaning of its own, thanks to fans of the commercials—and we’re more than happy to just be along for the ride.”

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