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Everyone’s favorite classic party appetizer, the deviled egg, has seen a resurgence lately in both fancy restaurants and snazzy parties alike. Like the once-hated brussel sprout, it’s now almost impossible to dine at a hipster restaurant without seeing them on the menu. One of our rules for an awesome life, in fact, is “always order the deviled eggs.”

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While the classic preparation is always delish, we love it best when there are one or two small tweaks that turn the modest bites into something exciting and new. Below are a few variations that’ll turn your deviled eggs into the talk of the party — that is, when your guests don’t have their mouths full.

Crispy Pancetta
Mix in 2 tbsp. of freshly fried pancetta and a tablespoon of the cooking grease into the egg yolk mixture, then top each with a little sprinkling of the pancetta and a sprig of parsley. Boom: bacon and eggs!

Top each egg with a small anchovy filet, a tiny bay shrimp, a small spoonful of roe or a strip of smoked salmon for a salty, briny bite.

Add two tablespoons crumbled blue cheese, feta or grated parmesan into the egg yolk mixture. Or top each with a small square of brie for a creamy, salty flavor boost.

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Spreads and Sauces
Two tablespoons of pesto, olive tapenade, red pepper hummus or even marinara sauce added to the egg yolk mixture give the deviled eggs an upscale, delicious edge. Top with chopped chives and fresh cracked pepper for a sophisticated look.

The classic yolk mixture gets a bright boost by adding something spicy like cayenne pepper or sriracha, something exotic like Chinese 5 spice or curry powder or something savory like dried onion or garlic powder. Just don’t go overboard and use them all at once!

The classic deviled egg calls for yellow mustard or dijon, but we love to mix things up by adding a spicy grainy mustard, cognac mustard or even honey mustard for a spicy and sweet kick.

Honorable Mentions

  • Use pickled eggs in place of regular.
  • Top with crisp wasabi seaweed, corn or black bean salsa or kimchi for an unique flare.
  • A pinch of interesting salt on top, like truffle, smoked or spicy, will add an unexpected boost of flavor.

Now that we’ve armed you with some fun and interested variations on your favorite party food, we expect invitations from all of you. Cool? Cool.

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