Denny's Gives Us the Distraction We All Need Right Now with This 'Zoom In' Pancake Tweet

You'll have to see—and zoom in on—the fast food diner's latest tweet to believe it

Warning: This post contains spoilers for possibly the greatest tweet of all time.

Someone on the Denny’s social media team is getting a promotion today.

On Tuesday afternoon, the diner chain tweeted out what appears to be an innocent picture of their signature stack of pancakes. “zoom in on the syrup,” reads the caption. The photo has since racked up more than 78,000 retweets and more than 104,000 favorites, so… what’s the deal?

The tweet kicks off a series of instructions inside the photo. Upon zooming in on the syrup, followers are then directed to “look at the lower left corner,” then “now look at the upper left corner,” followed by “now look in the butter,” before getting to the punch line: “has this distracted you from overwhelming existential dread lol.”

Yes, yes, it did, Denny’s.

In an interesting plot twist, the depressing sentiment not only resonated with many Americans, but it grabbed the attention of Chelsea Clinton. “This made me laugh. Loudly,” she tweeted.

The idea behind the tweet is based off the “zoom in” meme, which has been something of a phenomenon this year, sending users on a virtual scavenger hunt for a hidden message. The meme often involves the tiny text with an adorable message on a picture of a dog’s nose, but it can also take sassier turn when celebrities are involved.

Denny’s social media account rivals that of Wendy’s for its witty tweets—though sometimes they are met with rage, not anxiety-ridden heaps of laughter.

When Beyoncé first announced she was expecting twins, the diner tweeted, “wow, bey has TWO buns in the oven! that’s just an expression by the way. please don’t eat those buns. they are babies.” That one didn’t sit well with the Beyhive—but hey, you win some, you lose some.

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