Demi Lovato workout

What Is It: Demi Lovato‘s music-driven indoor cycling class, consisting of 45 minutes of high-intensity cardio

Who Tried It: Gabrielle Olya, PEOPLE writer and reporter

Level of Difficulty: 7 (on a scale from 1 to 10)

After seeing how incredible and in-shape Lovato has been looking lately, I was eager to try out Beatbike, the Tarzana, California-based indoor cycling studio favored by the singer — she attends classes three or four times a week and even brought boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama with her to a class (see photo above with instructor Samantha Weinberg).

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“The philosophy behind Beatbike is uniting everybody in a common experience,” says owner and founder Ashton Whited. “It’s a great workout, and we do spinning in a way that’s completely inclusive and not intimidating.”

What distinguished Beatbike from other indoor cycling studios is that you’re completely in the dark to the point that you can’t really see anyone next to you or in front of you. It definitely makes it easier to get lost in the routine rather than thinking, “Is my belly hanging out when I’m in second position?” No one can see you, so there’s no obsessing about what you look like!

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The 45-minute class was challenging – I was feeling fatigued only halfway through – but the instructor kept up our energy with his encouraging words and awesome playlist.

“A lot of other studios play great music, but our sound system is studio quality,” says Whited. “It’s a concert in there as much as it is a spin class.”

While Whited says the average rider burns 700 to 800 calories in class, my personal number — which was calculated by a racing software program — was disappointingly much lower. Although the workout is “results driven,” according to Beatbike’s website, the class is formatted so that your calorie count is not the primary focus.

“You don’t get overwhelmed by numbers being thrown in your face,” Whited says. “You’re able to get totally lost in the music during class, and then after class we send your results to your email. It’s kind of the best of both worlds.”

The Verdict: Beatbike was almost like being at a really sweaty concert. I definitely felt like I got a good workout (hello burning thighs) but I genuinely had fun at the same time.

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