Is America Ready for a Deep-Fried Big Mac Drizzled in Mac Sauce?

Deep-fried Big Mac

It was only a matter of time.

The brains behind the Instagram account peepmysneaks has decided that America — nay, the world — is ready for a deep-fried Big Mac. You know, because Big Macs aren’t sufficiently indulgent.

The mastermind topped the crispy, battered creation with extra Mac sauce, naturally.

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On his website, Peep My Eats, the chef breaks down the steps to making one at home. Turns out, all you need is four ingredients, one of which is a toothpick. (Other three: A Big Mac. Eggs. Breadcrumbs.)

Here’s a fifteen second video he made of the preparation process:

What do you think? Will you make this at home? Do you think we, as a nation, are ready for the deep-fried Big Mac?

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—Maria Yagoda

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