The cookbook author, who has partnered with Sabra, chats with PEOPLE about balanced eating, snack tips for kids and more

Daphne Oz is tapping into what she knows best to keep her family's palates intrigued as they continue to spend a lot of time at home together amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE about her partnership with Sabra snacks, the 35-year old Dish on Oz star reveals that her "go-to breakfast" involves a "rough scramble of eggs with tons of veggies" tucked into a tortilla.

"I'll sprinkle a little shredded Jack or Mexican blend type of cheese on there and fold it over the tortilla, so I make like a little burrito," she adds. "I put tons of hot sauce on it, obviously."

And "depending on how much oil" she uses, it comes out to "2 to 4 points" on WW, the plan she is an ambassador for and that she still follows. "It's such a simple, easy thing, and I make it in seven minutes," Oz says.

Daphne Oz
Daphne Oz for Sabra
| Credit: Sabra

Other days, if she needs "to go a little faster," Oz will have a slice of toast with "almond butter and sliced bananas on top with a little sprinkle of sea salt, and I find that sweet/savory combination very filling."

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Oz realizes that balance is key in her life when it comes to food — and a splurge here and there, like for her recent birthday celebration (which involved pasta, wine, tequila and key lime pie), is part of that balance.

"What I really love and subscribe to is the idea that for a healthy lifestyle, you should feel as celebratory about taking really good care of yourself as you do about the moments when you indulge," she tells PEOPLE.

Meanwhile, the mother of four (she and husband John Jovanovic share daughters Giovanna Ines, 18 months, Domenica Celine, 3, and Philomena Bijou, 7 on Friday, plus son Jovan Jr., 5) is focused on getting her kids involved in the kitchen.

"I learned to love to cook and the community of that experience by being with my mom and my grandma, and it's really important to me that my kids get to have that same memory with me of getting in the kitchen, making a little mess, trying some new things, experimenting, having fun," explains the MasterChef Junior judge.

"It's one of the very few environments that we do control that is our own and can be our kingdom and give us a lot of confidence, and I do try to share that with my kids," Oz adds. "It makes them, I find, more eager to try a chickpea pasta or air-fried chicken tenders. Something just a little different that's still kid-food-friendly, still something they're excited about, but with a little Daphne spin on it."

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For snack time, the Mom Brain podcast co-host has gotten her kids "into the idea of a cheese plate," made up of different cheeses, crackers, dips, yogurt, cut-up fruits and veggies, olives and more.

"My only rule at mealtime is you have to try everything once," she says. "My grandmother, who's a mom of six, always told me, 'Don't make your kids resent you more than the food,' so I don't insist that they finish their plates or anything but I want them to try everything once because I want them to be adventurous eaters and love exploring through food the way I do."

"I will put these communal platters down and they'll serve themselves so they can take the portion they're excited to have, and it ends up creating this really wonderful communal vibe," Oz continues. "It gives your kids a lot of agency when it comes to eating well, which I think is also important for establishing healthy long-term eating habits."

That's part of why the chef and cookbook author was excited to team up with Sabra for their new Sabra Kids snack kits "filled with plant-based goodness" in their two flavors: Taco Dip & Rolled Tortilla Chips and Brownie Batter Dip & Graham Cracker Sticks.

Sabra Kids: Taco Dip/Brownie Batter Dip
Sabra Kids products
| Credit: Sabra

"I was thrilled to get to be part of the launch of this newest product for Sabra with the idea in mind of helping moms get their kids eating delicious food that is not something you're going to have to fight with them over," she says. "My kids are my kids and they have very strong taste buds of their own, so I was super thrilled that they loved the product as much as I did."